Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yes, I've got Placement Clearance...NO, I'm not happy now!

What kind of sick, twisted world is this where we finally get what we want and then we can't really have it after all?

What do I speak of? Ohhh, just the fact that I finally have all four check marks on my account, and was offered the chance to leave in JUNE, but I can't. I have already committed to being a bridesmaid in one of my BFF's wedding that isn't till October.

No big deal you say? Just leave in October? Ohhh, if only it were that simple. Her wedding date is 10/10/10. The LAST departure for Latin America is 10/04/10. Oh BUGGER!

I'm sad, I'm mad, I'm disappointed that now I have to wait ALL THE WAY TILL 2011! Not to mention that I'll have to redo my physical again and recieve new medical and dental clearance (LORD HELP ME!)

My friend made a heroic attempt to be understanding and told me that she wouldn't hate me if I missed the wedding and left for PC. Oh PUH-LEEZE! For one, I wouldn't want to miss her wedding, plus all of the other memorable things that go with it. Bachelorette party, bridal shower...etc. etc. etc. Two, although she really tried to convince me that she wouldn't be upset, deep down I know she'd be crushed if I chose to miss her wedding instead of just putting off my departure for a few months.

Anywho, enough of my bellyaching. I'm going to look on the bright side of things. I just got a major promotion at work. I'm going to Jamaica in July. I have a million wedding festivities to be excited about. Summer's almost here. I'm in love. I've done everything I need to for PC and now, I guess I'll have a little extra time to prepare myself and save up some money. See, I knew things weren't completely terrible! :-)

So, this may be my last update for a while. I won't find out about possible placement until the mid-late fall.


  1. sounds like you have lots of heartstrings attached that will keep you where you are at. Going into the PC requires lengthening those strings or cutting them completely. Good luck! Deep down you will know!

  2. Hey! I'm in the app process as well (nominated for june, still waiting on med clearance)- just wanted to say WOW what a tough decision you had to make!!! i am sure it was the right one for you, but WOW! i'm not really in a similar situation, but my older sister is trying to plan her wedding around my service.... i keep telling her that by applying i made the sacrifice to be away for 27 months and to please plan the wedding and of course id love to be there (maid of honor!!) but i feel awful that she is planning it according to MY agenda... ESPECIALLY since i havent even been placed yet!
    anyways... i wonder if they tried to give you MY spot! hahaha. what was your nomination?
    good luck w/ everyting
    ill make a blog too if i ever get medically cleared.....
    -Lisa :)

  3. Hey Lisa,

    Well, it's funny bc my friend DID plan her wedding around my service! I was initially nominated to leave in Feb 2010, so I would have had plenty of time to finish my 6 months of required stay and come home for her wedding. Unfortunately, I hit medical road blocks that delayed me. Hopefully you don't have any similar snags AND you get to go to your sister's wedding! This life changing decision business is no fun at all! lol

  4. be honest...I have VERY long heartstrings lol

    At the same time, I'm a woman of my word, so if I committed to being in this wedding, then I think I should stick with it, especially since it wasn't so much a decision of choose PC or choose wedding, it was choose PC now or a LITTLE later. I've accepted the fact that what's meant for me can't be taken away, so when it's my time to leave, I'll go.

  5. Hey Shadiddy, i was nominated for Latin America in October but im still waiting to get medically cleared. How do you know the last departure date for Latin America is 10/04/10? I've been trying to guess which country is supposed to leave in Oct.....Sorry to hear that you'll have to wait again, but im sure it will be worth it. (Laritza)

  6. Congrats Laritza! and good luck getting through the medical process...that's a journey in itself. Anywho, the placement officer I spoke with told me that 10/4/10 was the last departure date for this year...that must be your program! She didn't tell me the country tho, so sorry I can't be more helpful.

    Oh, and I completely agree that it will be worth the wait..I'll probably appreciate my time more!

  7. Hey shadiddy!
    I've known you for a while and I always remember that you keep your word. Sometimes life can make a right turn when you want to go left but the friendships that we hold are priceless. I didnt even realize that this was heavy on your heart but I think you made the right the decision.

  8. Hey Jessa-my-put!!

    Nice to know that my loved ones are actually checking up on my blog! :)

    I completely that the shock that I could be on a plane to Latin America next month has worn off, I'm fine with the idea of leaving later. More time to share some memories with my girls before I ship off!

  9. Replies
    1. Jeez...I never replied to this huh?

      Well, this delay led to a complete derailment of my PC plans, but as I still firmly believe, everything happens for a reason. If I had gone to PC, I wouldn't have had any of the amazing experiences that I've had these last two years, nor would I have started my business, nor would I have met my FIANCE on my European backpacking trip with my sister last year! So...while I am disappointed that things did not work out exactly as I planned, they turned out perfectly for me :)

      How are things with you?? Or maybe I should just go check out your blog and see for