Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All new everything...

What a difference a year makes...

The cliff notes version-

May 2010 I underwent foot surgery...took 5 or 6 weeks off of work to recover. (medical hold...of course)

July 2010 I return to work, only to discover that upper UPPER management is plotting to oust me...angry that I had the nerve to make my health a priority. (Late July, I depart for my amazing Jamaica vacation to their dismay)

August 2010 I am officially LAID off after weeks of mistreatment. HALLELUJAH! Until I realize that I no longer am insured and clearly no longer employed, making it impossible to finish my physical therapy and redo all the necessary testing to obtain new medical clearance. NOOOOO!!!

...........Fast Forward 1 Year........................

I finally came to terms with the idea that maybe, just maybe, Peace Corps is not written in my cards. A heartbreaking theory, but one I had to accept nonetheless or else I may have had a nervous breakdown.

Then I decided that I would use my unemployment to my advantage. In between job searching, I managed to try all kinds of fun things that I would never be able to with a 9-5...turns out it was a blessing in disguise.

And right this moment, I am writing to you from the German countryside...a town called Wetzlar where I am visiting my family and celebrating my uncle's 60th birthday. This is my first stop on a 5 week European Backpacking Adventure that I was fortunate enough to embark on with my sister. The blogs to follow will document some of our experiences.

To all of my fellow PC aspirants (I guess I'll always be one), keep fighting the good fight, but if in fact life steers you into another direction, go full speed ahead...dwelling on the woulda, coulda, shouldas will only prevent you for reaching your full potential! Good Luck <3

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  1. So very well stated and supported with wonderful experiences(s)!