Thursday, April 1, 2010

Take THAT Dr. Crazypants!!

It's official.

I have finally sent in the last of medical paperwork in to PC! It felt so good for one, to be redeemed by the endocrinologist, who after a full inspection and ultrasound of my thyroid, agreed that I HAVE NO THYROID CONDITION. Contrary to the belief of that overzealous Dr. Crazypants who examined me at the VA hospital. I wish I could slap her around for wasting so many months of my life like this. I could have very well been serving already if it weren't for the setback she caused me by writing "ENLARGED THYROID" on my PC Medical forms!

What a jerk...

Anywho, in happier news, the PC has already taken my account out of "Inactive" status and I just faxed the forms over at like 6pm yesterday! I hope the rest of the process goes as quickly.

I still have to receive a new nomination from the placement office. I am praying that they put me in the same region, even if it's not the same program. I just have such high hopes of really honing my Spanish language skills during my service. I'll serve anywhere of course, but I'd rather not come home speaking a language that only 12 people in the US understand!

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