Tuesday, March 2, 2010

To Love or Not To Love...when applying to the Peace Corps

So, about a month ago I gave you a quickie update. Well, I still don't know what the heck I'm doing with my life. After my status was put on hold...I didn't necessarily give UP, but I guess I just thought maybe it was a sign of some sort. Now, all I can think about is Peace Corps (just like before...) and to me, that is an even GREATER sign that this is what I'm meant to do.

The ONLY hesitation I have now stems from the fact that I am now in a relationship. All mushiness aside, I kinda KNEW this would happen. I mean, that's how life is...it throws you curveballs just to test you. For goodness sake, I was single for like 2+ years...dating aimlessly...bored with the whole dating scene...ready to meet my Peruvian (or Ecuadoran, or Dominican, or Costa Rican...etc.) husband through the PC...HAHAHA justttttttt kidding!!

Seriously though, the idea of finding a boyfriend was definitely not on my radar. So now that I have one, I'm left trying to figure out what the heck to do with him if I do get invited for a PC post...

Granted, I'm not even medically cleared yet. But I know that I will be...hopefully lol. Still, my availability to leave won't be until after October 10, 2010, since that's one of my best friend's wedding date and I'll be a blushing bride..smaid! :-)
Problem is that by that time, if we're together still, we'll have spent a whole year building something that I'll just have to kick to the curb! I mean I'd never expect him to try and maintain a long distance (cross the seas) relationship for two years and three frikkin months!

So out of all this rambling, my dilemma is this...is it better to end things while it's still early and save us both the heartache (even though I have no certainty that I'll even be chosen for PC?) orrrr, just suck it up, wait it out, and figure out how to cross that bridge when we get to it (even though it'll probably cause severe emotional distress? lol)

Answers? Ideas? Comments? Questions?

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