Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Torture Chamber

So...Tuesday was supposed to be my lunchtime dentist appointment. Simple procedure: Take x-rays, Clean my teeth, Tell me I'm all clear for PC. Reality struck, and instead, I spent TWO HOURS letting this 90 year old dentist hack at my mouth like a hibachi grill! Final outcome: I must have my two wisdom teeth removed and get a couple of fillings. Argh!!

The silver lining is that he was one of the ICD dentists that does free exams and xrays for PC applicants so...I can only complain but so much! At least I've gotten closer to completing one of the many steps toward volunteering...follow up torture session: Saturday morning :(

Other than that, my dad came back yesterday from being in Nigeria for a month, so I was finally able to get his take on all of these new PC developments in my life. He really would like me to volunteer in an African country, but honestly, I have my heart set on Latin America...(fingers crossed)

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