Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Almost there...

Hey there! I know I haven't put up an update in a couple of weeks, but I didn't want to bore you all with my daily bouts of PC

Anyway, I'm a good ways through the medical process now. I ASSUMED (silly me) that I'd have one doctor's visit, one dentist visit and POOF!, it'd be over. Soooo wrong. Now, before I go bad-mouthing the VA hospital, let me say that I AMMM grateful that we can get free medical exams and labs and all that jazz there. But gee willickers...there is so much frikkin red tape to go through.

There I was yesterday, staring at the doctor that I needed to see...watching her sit idly at her desk, and yet, when I asked her to finish completing paperwork that she started for me TWO WEEKS AGO, she says "Sorry, it's Tuesday, I'm doing Diabetes clinics...I have no time! Come back Friday!". Oh, so you have not even FIVE frikkin minutes to jot down my lab results and sign off on this damn medical form?! You want me to take off of work AGAIN for five. frikkin. minutes.?! Thanks. Not to mention that the last time I left her, I realized that she filled how part of my form incorrectly. She checked off that I had THYROID DISEASE!! Umm...that's a big WHOOPS if you ask ME! least most of my medical is completed. I'm waiting on gyno labs to come in, the urinalysis that she FORGOT to order the first time I came in, HIV test results and umm...the only thing I actually have to do is get the tuberculosis test. This is the only real headache because I can't take off any more days of work right now...I have to figure out a place that will do it for me on my lunch break. Plus with the PPD, you have to return to have the spot where they stuck you analyzed in 72 hours...ugh.

As for dental, besides costing me a million bucks...(okay, $400), it's sooo time consuming...I've now been to the dentist THREE times in one month, and I have to go back for one more filling on the 9th, because my dentist had a graduation to attend, so he couldn't finish yesterday...ahh well! Once these things are complete, off goes my med packet WOOOHOOO!!

Okay, done with my rant/update. :-)


  1. Hello! I just received my med packet in the mail...yikes! Just out of curiousity, did you use one of the ICD dentists or did you go to a private one? I *know* I need fillings, but I haven't been to the dentist in years and am terrified of how expensive it's going to be...I also haven't had my wisdom teeth out, and it sounds like that's fairly mandatory. Yikes!

  2. Hi! Well...first off...congrats on your nomination! :)

    As for the dentist, I definitely found one of the ICD people and he did my exam/xrays for free. Then because I needed fillings (a lot of them) and to have 2 wisdom teeth extracted, he charged me a flat rate of 400 bucks for everything. Luckily, I have a flexible spending account through my insurance so I was able to be reimbursed (plus PC will give you $60 back). Hope this is helpful!

    OH! Also, make sure you look into Veterans Hospitals in your area...they will do EVERYTHING for free...physical, labs, all your testing and immunizations (if you need boosters)'s really quite fantastic! I just recieved my final shots yesterday and I'm ECSTATIC!