Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Talk about on the MOVE!

Well, Well, Well...didn't think I'd have this FAB news to share so soon, but I got the call from my recruiter this afternoon. The skill addendas that I had to complete to detail my business experience cleared me for some kind of business development position in Latin America that starts in February 2010!!! Woohoo!!! So yeah...that's my official nomination!

Now...before everyone gets TOO excited, don't forget that a nomination is not an INVITATION. Nothing is definite until I get medical and dental clearance. After that, I believe I have to be approved by the host country, and THEN I may be extended the invitation to serve. So...we still have a ways to go. I just want to hurry up and get these med/den procedures over with! I'm sure they are gonna cost me a fortune. I just hope that the money I have in my flexible spending account will cover the majority of it!

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