Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Floating Thoughts...

* Jeez...this waiting business sure BLOWS!

* What's with all these PCVs meeting locals and getting married in less than a year? I mean, REALLY? (MEANWHILE, watch me come back with an Aztec hubby...LOL)

* Now that I just received information that I may have to move out of my apartment in like a couple of months, or maybe even less time (this is tragic), I'm wondering if it even makes sense for me to find another setup like I have now...you know, with my roommate. Granted, my nomination is for 8 months from now, but if we're signing a 1-year lease, I don't want to leave her hanging! hmm...decisions...

* Grad school? Hmm...does it makes sense for me to apply & enroll in grad school for the fall semester? What if PC turns around and offers me the opportunity to leave early?? I'd be pissed...my other option is to start this online undergrad course...it's CUNY so it'll be like 500/class...two classes will enable my loans to be deferred. hmm...decisions...

* Love life...it's been kinda rocky lately (what else is new Shadé? ha!) I mean...on the one hand, maybe it's a blessing that my relationships keep coming to screeching halts seeing as how I am planning on jetting across the world in less than a year! (if all goes according to plan) Still! 8 months is a long ass time to try to avoid forming a connection with someone isn't it? I've told myself that I'm just going to go with the flow of things...but at this moment....there is NO flow LOL (oh well...more ME time )


  1. In my heart i NEVER want you to get married or go to PC because I selfishly want you to be all mine for the rest of my life :( But in my mind I know that PC is best for you and Hay when I graduate if I go into PC maybe we will be in ome obsure village together :) lol

  2. oh little sister of mine...you're so sweet and possessive LOL

    don't worry...no matter where i am, i'm still with you (and don't you forget it!)


  3. You beter not put ur love life on hold gurl...If you find the right one you better keep him.

  4. Where will I find this right one that you speak of?? LOL