Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All new everything...

What a difference a year makes...

The cliff notes version-

May 2010 I underwent foot surgery...took 5 or 6 weeks off of work to recover. (medical hold...of course)

July 2010 I return to work, only to discover that upper UPPER management is plotting to oust me...angry that I had the nerve to make my health a priority. (Late July, I depart for my amazing Jamaica vacation to their dismay)

August 2010 I am officially LAID off after weeks of mistreatment. HALLELUJAH! Until I realize that I no longer am insured and clearly no longer employed, making it impossible to finish my physical therapy and redo all the necessary testing to obtain new medical clearance. NOOOOO!!!

...........Fast Forward 1 Year........................

I finally came to terms with the idea that maybe, just maybe, Peace Corps is not written in my cards. A heartbreaking theory, but one I had to accept nonetheless or else I may have had a nervous breakdown.

Then I decided that I would use my unemployment to my advantage. In between job searching, I managed to try all kinds of fun things that I would never be able to with a 9-5...turns out it was a blessing in disguise.

And right this moment, I am writing to you from the German countryside...a town called Wetzlar where I am visiting my family and celebrating my uncle's 60th birthday. This is my first stop on a 5 week European Backpacking Adventure that I was fortunate enough to embark on with my sister. The blogs to follow will document some of our experiences.

To all of my fellow PC aspirants (I guess I'll always be one), keep fighting the good fight, but if in fact life steers you into another direction, go full speed ahead...dwelling on the woulda, coulda, shouldas will only prevent you for reaching your full potential! Good Luck <3

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yes, I've got Placement Clearance...NO, I'm not happy now!

What kind of sick, twisted world is this where we finally get what we want and then we can't really have it after all?

What do I speak of? Ohhh, just the fact that I finally have all four check marks on my account, and was offered the chance to leave in JUNE, but I can't. I have already committed to being a bridesmaid in one of my BFF's wedding that isn't till October.

No big deal you say? Just leave in October? Ohhh, if only it were that simple. Her wedding date is 10/10/10. The LAST departure for Latin America is 10/04/10. Oh BUGGER!

I'm sad, I'm mad, I'm disappointed that now I have to wait ALL THE WAY TILL 2011! Not to mention that I'll have to redo my physical again and recieve new medical and dental clearance (LORD HELP ME!)

My friend made a heroic attempt to be understanding and told me that she wouldn't hate me if I missed the wedding and left for PC. Oh PUH-LEEZE! For one, I wouldn't want to miss her wedding, plus all of the other memorable things that go with it. Bachelorette party, bridal shower...etc. etc. etc. Two, although she really tried to convince me that she wouldn't be upset, deep down I know she'd be crushed if I chose to miss her wedding instead of just putting off my departure for a few months.

Anywho, enough of my bellyaching. I'm going to look on the bright side of things. I just got a major promotion at work. I'm going to Jamaica in July. I have a million wedding festivities to be excited about. Summer's almost here. I'm in love. I've done everything I need to for PC and now, I guess I'll have a little extra time to prepare myself and save up some money. See, I knew things weren't completely terrible! :-)

So, this may be my last update for a while. I won't find out about possible placement until the mid-late fall.

Friday, April 23, 2010

She finally emailed me! :-)

So...I finally got a bit o' action last night after constantly checking my emails day after day with no word. My Placement officer, L, requested a phone interview with moi next week! Woohoo! I figure at this point, I'm good to leave a little under 6 months from now, so I'm still eligible to recieve an invite. Obviously, I'd much rather get my invite sooner than later, so I'm staying positive that she'll find something for me quickly, and not just put my file on hold because of my new availability!

Anywho, that's my little update for now, hope all of you other aspirants are feeling the wheels of progress turn as well! ::besos::

Thursday, April 8, 2010

completely miniscule update...

I received an email from a placement assistant today requesting an updated resume. So, even though I haven't technically received my medical clearance letter yet, that is clearly PROOF that I'm indeed cleared for the next step.

Can I get a big WOOHOO from my people in PCjournalstalkerworld?? :)

Your time will come soon!

4/10/10-Update: I received the letter in question over the weekend. So I can do my dance of relief after all. I'm CLEARED, I'm CLEARED, I'm REALLY REALLY CLEARED!! lol...that's all for now. :-P

Wednesday, April 7, 2010



I got that highly anticipated checkmark next to my medical!!!

Now, I know that there is always a chance that PC will pop up with a curveball saying that I'm denied, BUTTTT, I find that possibility to be highly unlikely! LOL

So, I am perfectly happy to be jumping for joy at my desk right now, and looking forward to getting that letter in the mail, and even moreso, that PHONE CALL from a P.O.!!

sidenote: If I do, in fact, get a denial in the can find me in a corner, probably in a fetal won't be pretty.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Take THAT Dr. Crazypants!!

It's official.

I have finally sent in the last of medical paperwork in to PC! It felt so good for one, to be redeemed by the endocrinologist, who after a full inspection and ultrasound of my thyroid, agreed that I HAVE NO THYROID CONDITION. Contrary to the belief of that overzealous Dr. Crazypants who examined me at the VA hospital. I wish I could slap her around for wasting so many months of my life like this. I could have very well been serving already if it weren't for the setback she caused me by writing "ENLARGED THYROID" on my PC Medical forms!

What a jerk...

Anywho, in happier news, the PC has already taken my account out of "Inactive" status and I just faxed the forms over at like 6pm yesterday! I hope the rest of the process goes as quickly.

I still have to receive a new nomination from the placement office. I am praying that they put me in the same region, even if it's not the same program. I just have such high hopes of really honing my Spanish language skills during my service. I'll serve anywhere of course, but I'd rather not come home speaking a language that only 12 people in the US understand!