Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And so the wait begins!

Hi Folks!

So...today I met with my lovely recruiter for my official interview! I was crazy nervous, but it pretty much went like your standard job interview. Questions about my leadership abilities and conflict resolution tactics etc. etc. Then we talked about things that might make me uncomfortable. For instance, would I have issues dealing with isolation from other volunteers or living in a place where there are strict gender roles. What about a living situation where I'm expected to attend the religious ceremonies or services of the community? (hmm...) I think I answered all of the questions pretty well...at least I attempted not to sound too much like a bumbling idiot!

The next step is to wait...my recruiter informed me that most positions are filled until Spring/Summer 2010! That's not the best news...HOWEVER, there is a Business Advisor position that may be available for January! The only problem is that usually those positions are reserved for those who have formal experience owning their own businesses for 5 years or so. She says that there are occasionally exceptions, so she's putting in a call to her DC counterparts to see if I can get in! If not...then I'll just be playing the waiting game, and waiting patiently by my phone for that call with my official nomination. :-)

My plan for the meantime is to resume my preparation for the GREs, apply to grad school (I hear that some schools give you a free ride if you are going into the PC!!) and then attempt to do at least one semester before I'm called to duty. No use in wasting time while I'm still home right? Right.

So yes...excitement level is still pretty high. I do appreciate all the well wishes and love and support my friends (and family) are showing. It may be a long and arduous process...just stick with me!

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  1. OK, two things....

    OMG Shade, you started a blog. Yip-eeee

    And second, I'm soooooo proud of you bc of your ambition to join the peace corp. I think it's an awesome opportunity!!!!