Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FINALLY! Some progress...

Woohoo! some of you may know already, when you submit your medical packet it doesn't immediately start getting reviewed. Instead, from my understanding, we go into a queue, and the packets are reviewed in the order of departure date, followed by the date that they received it. I was informed that it could be some time before I would get cleared, because my nomination date isn't until February, and the summer is a busy time for the OMS because there are so many nominees for the summer and fall that they have to get cleared.

Well...finally my obsessive toolkit checking (at least twice a day LOL) produced a bite! I've got the coveted medical hold! Now, that may seem like a BAD thing, buttt, it's not! Everybody's toolkit says medical hold once your packet is actually in a reviewer's hands. At least now I know that I'm once step closer to being cleared, and maybe, if I'm lucky, my date will even be pushed up! (hey..a girl can dream...)

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  1. You know, this was a very useful post for me to read. I've been waiting for some sign that my medical packet is under review, and haven't received any notice. And now I know what to look for!