Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An Exercise in PATIENCE...

That's like the number one lesson in PC right? Patience?

Well..mine is being tested by my dentist. Last TUESDAY I had my final visit...one last filling...DONE with alllll medical and dental related procedures. This was a happy day for me. As I'm on the chair and he's finishing up, he mentions something along the lines of, "So, yeah, I'll get these documents (meaning the PC dental forms) to you soon...". So I, mouth full of suction tubes and all, ask, "Can I get them today?" He gives me a look of surprise and confusion, "Today? But you're not leaving till next year right?" Ladies and Gentleman, THIS is the precise moment when I didn't know whether I should have a panic attack or haul off and fling an Ensure at the geezer's head. Umm...YES, I'm nominated to leave in February, but WHAT would make him think that I don't need my paperwork till then? How the heck does he expect me to get clearance the day of departure or whenever the heck he thought he had to give me the papers by?


So then, after I CALMLY explain to him that I need these docs ASAP, he agrees to "TRY" to have them finished by Monday. Mmkay...fast forward to Monday (yesterday)...I call the office, no answer. Today, I call again, and his trusty assistant informs me that not only are my papers NOT completed yet, but the doc is OUT OF TOWN until MONDAY!

Double UGH!

So now...I'm just playing the waiting game...hoping five million other applicants don't get their medical packets in BEFORE me!

Question, does anybody know if I can send in my medical packet first and then just send my dental packet when my dentist comes back? I mean, this is def a question for my medical coordinator, but I'm just wondering out loud I guess...


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  1. You CAN send in your medical packet without your dental info! If I'm not mistaken, I believe that you can even get an invite without dental clearance....

    Good luck!